Latest work

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Panda Pet Services

Panda Pet Services provides Dog Behaviour Training & Dog Walking. Faith is a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer. Faith needed my help to create a more contemporary feel to her website. She also wanted to promote one of her new Virtual Dog Training services, which was important to her business during lockdown. 

This included some of the following items:


  • New Theme and Design

  • Improved Menu Structure

  • Improved Brand Identity
    (new logo across channels)

  • More Engaging, Dynamic feel
    (scroll and button animations)

  • Instagram Social Media Feed

  • Improved Contact Form

  • Embedded Google Maps

  • Reviews Page

  • SEO Improvements

  • SEO content creation suggestions


Behind Restaurant

Behind is a new fine dining restaurant located in East London. I helped top UK chef Andy Beynon get his site live and ready for bookings before the opening of his restaurant.


This included some of the following items:


  • Domain Name

  • Business Email

  • Site Template & Design

  • Ecommerce Store - Wine Shop

  • Google Business Listing

  • Search Engine Verification

  • Social Media Integration

  • Google Analytics

  • Booking Platform Integration

  • SEO - Meta Information